cultural commentators


A Harvard graduate in theoretical physics and dance, Brian now enjoys relaxing in other people’s gardens and reading a good magazine. He rarely gets excited by music written before 1960, and to Betty’s dismay thinks Bach is part of a tree. A keen movie goer, Brian will even tolerate the romantic comedy genre for the sake of sitting in the cinema for an afternoon soaking up the atmosphere. Some believe he secretly enjoys them. Brian is a thinking man, not afraid to give his opinion, but best not to ask him how to fix the leaky tap. It will stay¬†a leaky tap.


A highly skilled textile artist, Betty is never far from a crochet hook or some 8mm knitting needles. And if Brian gets too opinionated, they are never to far from him either. Betty has a love of all music. Her favourite is Baroque and Early Music, but she has recently discovered Justin Bieber and thinks he is quite lovely too. Such a nice mannered young boy. Betty has an arts degree from Melbourne, a PhD from Patons and two honorary doctorates. Despite all her accomplishments, however, Betty has still not quite grasped how to indicate before changing lanes.